Thursday, July 29, 2010

How to get rid of Poison Ivy

So its finally gone. was gone several weeks ago..
Butt...i know the best and WORST ways of healing poison ivy now!


1.) Put some Clorox Bleach on a cotton ball and slowly wipe it on the poison ivy several (3-5) times a day.

    NOTE: using bleach may discolor your skin for a few days but it will restore color after a week

2.) Using Calamine Lotion (pink chalky liquid) on poison ivy 3 times a day works great too!!
  NOTE: Calamine Lotion may discolor your skin and or clothes if it gets on it also

3.) Use a poison ivy skin scrub in the shower, feels great and dries up the poison wonderfully

4.) Take cold showers until the ivy is gone, use scrub with cold water


1.) This is a common MISCONCEPTION!!!! Taking hot showers will ONLY WORSEN Poison Ivy.
I have read many places where it says that hot showers help get rid of it but they could not be more wrong.YES it may feel like Santa just slapped you in the face on Christmas morning, in a good way, but it only allows your blood to rise to your skin level and take the poison ivy and disperse it across your ENTIRE body.


3.) Do not expect to get rid of the ivy any less than four days unless you get a shot in the ol buttox.

4.) DONT exercise or do any activities that would allow you to sweat at all, because sweat and the rubbing of your clothing against your skin will only spread it.

I hope this has helped just a little bit, i know what you are going through. I would love to hear any suggestions for healing poison ivy faster as well!! God Bless and Have a wonderful Poison-Ivy-free Day


Friday, June 11, 2010

Youre not going to believe this...

youre not going to believe this
i have poison ivy on my buttox
you heard me right
my bumper
it must of happened when i was mowing Nana's lawn
but its getting worse
and i dont know what to do
any suggestions?!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


this is for my lovely almost 21-year old Macy Young.

i like you.

more than you know.

Macy and Me!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Put Down My Name"

Adrian and Natalia/ Nicomedia/ A.D. 303

During the tenth and last major Roman persecution under Emperors Diocletian and Maximian, a young military officer who loved honor and courage distinguished himself to his superiors by faithfully and efficiently carrying out the letter of their orders in trying to suppress the Christians. His skill and daring in both this and in battle had led to one promotion after another.

But Adrian's task of torturing Christains bothered him. In the face of pain and death, Christians were repeatedly peaceful and unrelenting in their commitment to their Lord. He saw in these men and women a courage greater than any he had ever seen in battle.

Adrian was so intrigued by this that one day as he was bringing a group of Christians before a judge for sentencing, he asked one of them, "What gives you such strength and joy in the midst of your sufferings?

"Our Lord Jesus Christ, in whom we believe," the man replied."

Suddenly Adrian saw it as he never had before. The Roman gods he was defending could never give a person such courage! They were nothing compared to the God of these Christians.

He made his way to the front of the line of prisoners and stepped before the judge. "Put down my name with those to be tortured. I also have become a Christian." The emperor's son Galerius, who served as Dioclentian's caesar (or junior emperor) and had been present at the trials with his father, tried of Christians and to beg for forgiveness. Adrian assured him that he had not lost his mind but had acted thus according to his own convicting.

What Adrian did not know at the time was that his wife, Natalia, had secretly become a Christian some time before and had been praying for him. When she heard that he was in prison, she went to him and encouraged him by telling him of her conversion and more about the God who loved him.

The group of Chrisitans Adrian had put his name down with were soon sentenced to die. Before this, because of his former status in the empire, Adrian was allowed to do home that he might make his peace with his wife before he was killed. When Natalia saw him coming down the road, she at first thought he had renounced Christ in order to be freed and wouldn't let him into the house!

Though this might have been an opportunity for Adrian to escape, he did not. He soon returned to the prison, When he did, he watched as others were subjected to terrible tortures: Their arms and legs were broken with heavy hammers until they died from the agony and internal bleeding. When Adrian's turn came, his wife feared most of all that her husband would become fainthearted and renounce Christ, but he finally knew the courage that could only belong to Christians and never backed away from his commitment. She strengthened Adrian and held on to his arms and legs while the executioner broke them with the hammer. Adrian died together with the rest.

When they began to burn the bodies of the Christians, a thunderstorm arose, the furnace was extinguished, and lightning killed several of the executioners. The attempt was abandoned and the rest of the bodies were released to their families. Sometime later, after Adrian's body had been moved to the city of Byzantium, Natalia's body was found lying on top of her husband's grave. She had died while attedning it.

His sacrifice has stood as a shining example for the last eighteen centuries. During that time Adrian has been known as one of the patron saints of soldiers.

...Love...rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all tings. -Paul (1 Corinthians 13:4, 6-7)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who am I?

Well, somehow i got everything i wanted for Christmas.

Sweet time with my girl,
An Alabama National Championship,
Bama Gear,
Frank Sinatra Music,
an iPhone,
and Tim Tebow's tears....still dont know how you pulled that one Macy.

I miss my girl. She's everything to me. She surprises me everyday with her uniqueness, generousness, kindness, love for life, and the way she cares for me.

Its hard to get back into the swing of things for me this semester. Wow i dont know where to draw motivation from. Lord strengthen me.

I feel like the majority of the people in my life dont respect me. Dont take my seriously. Dont think i have what it takes. I feel the weight of that alot. Ryan doesnt. My friends dont sometimes. i dont think i even respect myself. Im such a perfectionist and yet i struggle with motivation so much that i beat myself up for not doing more or being more. this struggle is everyday. its every second. i talked with a very wise Christian Psychiatrist once and she said that i have a rare duel kind of personality, where i am both an extrovert and an introvert. I am a perfectionist and lack motivation for things. I hate my laziness but cant shake it. i miss sweet quiet times with the Lord. I hate that phrase quiet times....i miss being with Him, but He is always everywhere...ok what is it then....i want Jesus. I miss my Jesus. I miss my everything. I miss being filed with the substance that is the only filing in my heart. I want Him, and yet dont choose Him a thousand times a day. I miss my friends. My old friends that i could talk to anything about and just hang out with and feel like everything is ok and the feeling of being alive. Lord fill me with your Love, and rid me of my desire to stuff empty things in my heart and head. I miss you Lord.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

so heres a little more xmas wish items...

Mat Kearney's new CD "City of Black and White"

Black Bama hat with red "A"

Alabama Jersey size M number 3 or 22

vile of Tim Tibow's tears

my six pack back

to watch the BCS Champ game with my girl

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So, i was planning this thing...
well preface the plan with the fact that today is Macy and I's 16th month Anniversary. Wow thank you everyone, thats very kind of you. Yeah, i think she's very lucky and pretty as well.

Anyway...i was planning on surprising my babe with a bunch of roses at her work today for our Anniversary, but she mentioned something about today and about how i must of forgotten, and i didnt want her to show up at work and think the flowers were a "make-up" present....

so LOOONNNGG story short, i decided to punt the flowers for another time and just tell her i forgot..(which is a lie cuz i was planning the flower thing all along...see) and see if she will forgive me...oh well so much for surprises