Thursday, December 17, 2009

so heres a little more xmas wish items...

Mat Kearney's new CD "City of Black and White"

Black Bama hat with red "A"

Alabama Jersey size M number 3 or 22

vile of Tim Tibow's tears

my six pack back

to watch the BCS Champ game with my girl

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So, i was planning this thing...
well preface the plan with the fact that today is Macy and I's 16th month Anniversary. Wow thank you everyone, thats very kind of you. Yeah, i think she's very lucky and pretty as well.

Anyway...i was planning on surprising my babe with a bunch of roses at her work today for our Anniversary, but she mentioned something about today and about how i must of forgotten, and i didnt want her to show up at work and think the flowers were a "make-up" present....

so LOOONNNGG story short, i decided to punt the flowers for another time and just tell her i forgot..(which is a lie cuz i was planning the flower thing all along...see) and see if she will forgive me...oh well so much for surprises

Monday, December 7, 2009

THE Christmas List it is lover.

before i start, have i told you how much i love your contentment and the way you are not needed or value worldly things the way everyone else does. Wow that means alot to me and is very mature of you.

1. to sell my car
2. a used Honda Accord/any Hybrid/maybe 4-Runner
3. to be with you for Christmas
4. tickets and flight to BCS National Championship (and a win of course)
5. iPhone
6. good grades in all my classes
7. time with my family and the Youngs
8. new running shoes (maybe asics) size 13
9. Ray Ban Aviators
10. plane, knowledge of flying, and license to see my babe whenever the flip i want

...continued list to come...was not able to finish due to time constraints (aka Macy)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


so i cant talk to my girlfriend today.
not even if i wanted to.
so my phone's dead.
so its not working.
so i cant her my babe's voice.
so im really sad.
so sad.
so its raining outside.
so it makes me miss Macy.
so im sad again.
so Wal-mart is out of phone chargers.
so im stuck with no one to talk to.
so its my Nana's birthday today.
so i would love to take her out to dinner.
so i cant call her to ask her.
so i dont know how im going to wish her a happy bday.
so im hoping ryan gets on skype.
so i can get a hold of them.
so our big screen TV blew a fuse last night.
so its definately dead.
so its quite around these parts.
so im sad again.
so maybe i can read more now.
so maybe i should get more done with the TV out of comission.
so maybe its a good thing.
so maybe Nando's mad about it though.
so i guess we need a new tv.
so i need to workout.
so im off to meet my coach.
so his name is Tony.
so im gonna need to "bring it".

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ONE and far

There's something about:

...being on a flight to see my Macy ice-cold Coca-Cola
...listening to John Piper preach on my iPod
...writing my heart down in my journal
...weeping in the dark, surrounded by people who don't know I am
...God healing my wounds
...being exciting about what the future holds
...having hope
...seeing innocence in a child
...not knowing where God is taking me
...anticipation before an iron bowl
...seeing a couple snuggle and longing for my lover
...9 lightly salted airline peanuts
...seeing a lighted city below and wondering what's going on down there
...writing my first blog down on a napkin