Wednesday, December 2, 2009


so i cant talk to my girlfriend today.
not even if i wanted to.
so my phone's dead.
so its not working.
so i cant her my babe's voice.
so im really sad.
so sad.
so its raining outside.
so it makes me miss Macy.
so im sad again.
so Wal-mart is out of phone chargers.
so im stuck with no one to talk to.
so its my Nana's birthday today.
so i would love to take her out to dinner.
so i cant call her to ask her.
so i dont know how im going to wish her a happy bday.
so im hoping ryan gets on skype.
so i can get a hold of them.
so our big screen TV blew a fuse last night.
so its definately dead.
so its quite around these parts.
so im sad again.
so maybe i can read more now.
so maybe i should get more done with the TV out of comission.
so maybe its a good thing.
so maybe Nando's mad about it though.
so i guess we need a new tv.
so i need to workout.
so im off to meet my coach.
so his name is Tony.
so im gonna need to "bring it".

1 comment:

  1. Cheer up sweet boy. I bribed the mail man so he'd hurry. Okay, not really. But ohhh I soo would if I could.

    You're sweet.