Monday, December 7, 2009

THE Christmas List it is lover.

before i start, have i told you how much i love your contentment and the way you are not needed or value worldly things the way everyone else does. Wow that means alot to me and is very mature of you.

1. to sell my car
2. a used Honda Accord/any Hybrid/maybe 4-Runner
3. to be with you for Christmas
4. tickets and flight to BCS National Championship (and a win of course)
5. iPhone
6. good grades in all my classes
7. time with my family and the Youngs
8. new running shoes (maybe asics) size 13
9. Ray Ban Aviators
10. plane, knowledge of flying, and license to see my babe whenever the flip i want

...continued list to come...was not able to finish due to time constraints (aka Macy)

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